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    Suspension of face-to-face lessons

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    Dear parents, teachers, friends,

    in today’s session, the Federal Council has decided that all schools of all grades and all kindergartens will no longer be able to offer lessons in the presence of pupils, from now until 3 April inclusive . We therefore expect a long period of closure as a preventive measure to slow down the spread of COVID-19.
    Even the nursery , except in cases of absolute and proven necessity, is forced to stop the service.

    We will understand in the coming days if any form of custody can still be provided, as anticipated by the cantonal press release this morning, also in collaboration with the public body, and with what limitations.

    In the coming days, the college will study remote working methods compatible with our pedagogy, in collaboration with families and with a view to maintaining healthy rhythms even in this situation.
    We will come back to you as soon as possible to update you on all these elements.

    For the IB verification visit, which was scheduled for 2 and 3 April, we are evaluating whether to take advantage of the possibility of doing it remotely or whether to postpone it for the earliest possible date and in any case in good time so as not to interfere with the established program. In this the IBO is extremely collaborative, well understanding that they are not things that depend on us.

    Best regards

    The Committee